hail damage roof

Over the past few weeks Great Falls, VA, areas along the river, Springvale and Beachmill have all been impacted by hail large enough to cause damage to your roof.

If you are concerned about hail damage, we recommend you schedule a free hail damage roof inspection.

Like us, if you are a skeptic of such “storm chasing outfits”, then we would like to remind you of Gutterman Services and our roofing division – Gutterman Roof. We are well reputed and have been serving the Great Falls community since 1986. Our team of experts are here to help you assess any possible hail damage immediately – FOR FREE! There is absolutely no obligation.




In addition to the above listed qualifications, we are also experts at dealing with home insurance companies. In fact, since 2016 Gutterman Services team has helped over 500 Northern Virginia residents with their storm damage claims.

Since your insurance company likely knows and likes us because of our local presence and honesty, we can help you save a ton of time and aggravation by dealing with them directly (if needed).

How To Spot Hail Damage

We don’t recommend you climbing on the roof of your house to look for hail damage. Instead, inspect your home’s downspouts and soft metal flashings for dents. Here’s an example:









If you are concerned about any hail damage at all, our Gutterman Roof team is here to help! Click here to schedule your free hail damage roof inspection.

Below are photos that show the areas of Great Falls that were affected by the hail storm and an image showing how big the hail was: