Routine maintenance on your home can greatly reduce any unexpected costly repairs or replacements. We recommend a minimum of twice yearly gutter cleaning for standard open gutter.  To make cleaning your gutters easier we offer a  yearly service contract for 2-4 cleanings a year depending on your needs.

Why should you sign a Service Contract?

-Expedited scheduling: Service Contract clients receive first priority scheduling

-Discounts on repairs or replacement:  Part of your service includes an inspection, while we are at home we will identify problems on your home and additional discounts for that work.

-Peace of mind: Who doesn’t have a Seasonal “Honey-Do” List?   With a Service Contract you are automatically scheduled.  No reminders needed!

-No time off work:  You do not have to be home for the service.  All work is performed on the outside of your home.  Now inside access is needed which means you do not have take off work.

-Animal Friendly:  We are an animal loving group.  We are always conscientious of making sure backyard gates are closed behind us to keep your dogs safe.

-Friendly Faces: Our average employee tenure is 10 years. Most often you will work with the same technicians.

-Professionalism: Our technicians treat your home like their own.  Our intention is to leave your house better than how we found it.

-Pay as you go: Our Service Contract does not require a deposit or prepayment.

-No cancellation fee

Platinum Level Service Agreements

Did you know gutters are not the only thing that needs routine maintenance?
In addition to our standard gutter cleaning service, you can also choose any additional services(s) (from the list below) during our ‘non-peak’ gutter cleaning months, for 3 years to keep your home looking its best.

Advantages of Platinum Level Service Agreements:
– We assign your home and you a personal project manger
– We will meet with you annually to review your home to-do list and facilitate managing what you wish
– Non peak time schedules allow for hands on personal touch
– Planning ahead for repairs saves time & money
– Priority discounted services
– First priority during all major weather events
– 3×3 Service Agreement = Largest Savings!

Additional Visits during our ‘non-peak’ gutter cleaning months will maximize your yearly savings. Have you ever tried to schedule a power washing in June? Our wait time can be several weeks! While during our ‘non-peak’ gutter cleaning seasons you can schedule your power washing, and receive expedited scheduling. Our ‘non-peak’ gutter cleaning months are: August through October & February through April.

By choosing any additional items below you can virtually eliminate your “honey-do” list. You can choose the same service each year or select any other service(s) throughout the duration of your contract.


1.) POWER WASHING: Includes brick, aluminum, vinyl or hardi plank siding.

2.) ROOF INSPECTION: Includes sealing chimney flashing, vent collar pipe replacement(s), minor shingle repairs.

3.) HANDYMAN SERVICES: Includes 2 technicians for 2-3 hours and minor materials.

4.) UNDERGROUND DRAIN SNAKING: Includes all underground drains.

Fill out our online estimate form today to discuss your service cost’s. Always feel free to call us at 571-297-1445. Don’t wait for your gutters to back up, perform regular gutter maintenance with Gutterman Services!