4 Hail Damage Tips For Metro DC Area Homeowners

Hurricane Damage, Seasonal Tips, Storm Damage, Weather Related News   |   July 8, 2021

Virginia, being a four-season state, experiences a variety of weather conditions and one condition that can occur anytime of the year is hail.

Hail can be as big as a baseball or as small as a pebble but damage to your home can still occur, regardless of the size. In this article we will explain what to do if your area experiences hail.


4 Hail Damage Tips For Metro DC Area Homeowners

1) Inspect the condition of the roof – Check for the following:
• Damaged or broken shingles on the roof
• Missing granule loss in shingles. This indicates that the coating is exposed, thus it will wear faster
• An exposed fiberglass mats. This means the shingle broke from underneath
• Cracks, crevices or holes

2) Inspect the interior of your home – Check for leaks in the attic or top floor of your home. Keep in mind sometimes it takes a few days for the ceiling to look wet so check back for a week after a hailstorm.

3) Contact a qualified roofing contractor – A roofing expert should be called to conduct a thorough roof inspection. We’d love to assist you, click here to request a roof analysis.

4) File an insurance claim – A home insurance claim generally covers roofing damage, but coverage varies based on where you live, who your insurer is and the details of the policy. Try to find a roofing contractor that is willing to work with your insurance company during the claim process.



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