8 signs you need a new roof

Gutters   |   December 7, 2017

Most homeowners don’t really appreciate the roof they have over their head, that is, until it starts to leak! Delaying a roof replacement could result in bigger problems down the road.

Here are 8 signs your house is in need of a new roof:

1) Roof age – The average roof lasts between 25 – 30 years

2) Shingle edges are curled or shingle tabs are cupped

3) Bald spots where granules are missing

4) Cracked or missing shingles

5) From the attic, you can see daylight through the roof boards

6) When standing on the roof, it feels “spongy” or has a trampoline bounce

7) Your neighbors are getting new roofs. Homes built around the same time period & experience the same type of weather are usually in the same condition

8) Moss is growing on your roof. Moss can grow on roof surfaces that don’t get much sunlight especially in cool, moist climates. Moss growth can be more than a cosmetic issue. Moss holds moisture to the roof and overtime it will cause damage to the granules on the top of the shingles.

If you are concerned about the condition of your roof, we welcome you to schedule an appointment to have it evaluated by one of our roofing specialists.