Can Double Pane Windows be Repaired for My Arlington VA Home?

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Double Pane Window Repair in Arlington, VA

If you have a broken windowpane, warped frame, or window that’s collecting condensation between two panes, as a homeowner it’s time to contact a professional

While replacing windows can be costly, hiring a professional to do the job will cost you less in the long run.

Cost to Repair vs. Replace a Window

While the average cost of repairing a window averages $186, the cost of replacing a window, ranges from $300 to $5,000, depending on the type, size, and number of windows.

Window Repair Cost Considerations

Window repair cost is determined by the type of damage, installation and labor costs, and the additional charges for items like replacement glass and hardware,

Replacing a damaged windowpane is the most typical repair. For these home exterior jobs, removing the old glass and replacing it with a new pane costs more for double-pane windows than single-pane windows.

Keep in mind that window glass isn’t the only thing that breaks.

Overall repair costs depend on the broken window’s size, shape, thickness, and style, as well as the quality and design of the surrounding frame and sash.

The cost of labor for installing and repairing a damaged window ranges from $50 to $80 an hour.

Creating custom-sized panes, finding specialized hardware, and repairing hard-to-reach windows can all raise labor expenses (anything that requires roof access or a ladder).

Bay windows and arched or elliptical panes, for example, are more expensive to repair than fixed-style windows like transom windows.

Double Pane Glass Window Repair Costs

The replacement cost for the glass in a double-pane window ranges from $170 to $180

Repairing a double-pane glass window costs about $100 more than a single-pane window of same size. This is primarily due to the additional labor costs associated with installing double-pane windows, and some of the specialized tools required to seal and repair damaged, insulated double-pane glass.

Costs vary based on glass quality/grade.

Common Add-on Costs

Make sure to factor in any potential hidden costs when deciding between window replacement or repair.

Below are several common surcharges that when added up can significantly raise the cost of window repair.

  • Hard to reach windows: If a window repairman needs a ladder or roof access to replace a damaged exterior window, expect to pay more (additional $10-$15).
  • Out of date window hardware: Because older hardware is typically no longer in production, finding replacement hardware for older or antique windows can be difficult. Locating and replacing specialty hardware not only costs more but takes longer to repair.
  • Dual-pane insulation: To replace dual-pane windows, insulating gas must be injected between two well-sealed panes. You need a professional, not a generalist or handyman to replace a “blown seal.”
  • Rotten wood: Badly damaged windows with broken or decaying window frames can cost anywhere from $600-$900.
  • Drafty windows: Caused by a variety of circumstances, including a fractured pane or a warped frame The simplest approach to fix drafty windows is to use weather stripping and new caulking. Before paying for a complete window frame replacement, try asking for these less expensive options.
  • Emergency window repair: For regular window repairs, repair specialists and glaziers typically charge between $40 and $80 an hour. But if you require emergency repairs, expect to pay up to $150 an hour.

Ways to Save Money on Window Repair Costs

Window replacement expenses are no joke. Simply choosing repair over replacement saves money.

There are a several additional cost-cutting measures you can take:

  • Replace or repair multiple windows at once: Once a glass technician is on-site, the cost of repairing each window decreases considerably. For combined savings, repair numerous windows at the same time.
  • Ask about simple fixes: Not every window repair requires replacing the frame and sash. You can use a simple draft snake foam attachment to seal a drafty window for a fraction of the expense of replacing the frame. The same is true for minor wood damage. If the wood isn’t rotten, you can use wood putty
  • Upgrade older windows: Procuring custom parts for antique or outdated windows can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Upgrade to modern energy efficient windows wherever possible to avoid the cost of older window repairs. You’ll save money on future repairs while also lowering your energy cost.

 Upgrade Your Windows for a Fresh Outlook

If left unattended, deteriorating windows can worsen your home maintenance and repair problems over the long run. Your energy efficiency and insulation will be negatively impacted possibly adding hundreds of dollars in extra energy costs.

Instead of watching your energy bill go up, contact us to get the ball rolling on updating and upgrading your windows.

Your wallet will thank you for it in the long run.

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