February 19th, 2013: Another great customer testimonial!

Company News   |   February 19, 2013

You know that we love hearing from our clients! We were thrilled to hear from our client Steve  in Reston about his most recent job completed with us.  Read below for his glowing testimonial…

Just wanted to pass along a recommendation on a roofer/you name it contractor.  As many of you likely noticed, my roof was living on borrowed time for a number of years.   When my wife finally got some quotes I was a little shocked at the price range; I guess I was living off memories from 10 or 15 years ago.  Anyway, we did end up being pretty thorough about it and got 4 or 5 quotes.   The easy winner ended up being Gutterman Services.   Gutterman did both my roof as well as Marc and Laurie’s across the path, so you can see the results for yourself.  The company name is a little misleading, but gutter services is where the owner, Chris Pauly, started out 25 or more years ago and his company still performs, and he has not wanted to change the name.   Sooooooooooo……… don’t let the name mislead you, they do quite a wide range of work including decks, windows as well as some pretty complicated, one-off custom roofing projects.  Chris has his own metal component fabrication facilities, so he is able to custom construct required components certainly including the gutters and chimney parts.   Chris is in fact the chap that was at the last Annual Meeting and at Leon’s request gave the presentation on metal roofing.
Chris spent quite awhile at our home before we gave the contract and he spent quite awhile with us yesterday doing a walk thru and he was quite knowledgeable and was willing to give me advice and a whole number of issues of interesting in the house.  Chris also came over during the work to make sure things were going well.   We now have two punch-list items left, one I noticed and one Chris noticed, and Chris couldn’t be more committed to making sure the job gets done perfectly.  I didn’t really have to take Chris’ word on the additional plywood that needed replacement or other aspects of the project, thought I would have been comfortable doing so, as I received an on-line photo album showing the process; I could see the before and after (OK – THE ROOF WAS A MESS!) – a few sample photos are shown below as is a sample of a communication to us during execution to make us aware of a project variance. 
Soooooooooooooooo…………..   in short, the price was as good as anyone’s and the service was outstanding.   I was hesitant to spend the extra money on things like gutters when I already had them, though not looking too great, but included with the roof pricing wise it was hard to pass up, and yes, Gutterman Services indeed can do gutters as good as anyone, so I now have pretty cool gutters that I no longer will need to get up on a ladder to scrap the leaves out of or adjust the screens on.  Even if you have a small issue, such as gutter cleaning or repair, I would go ahead and try these guys and use the opportunity to get to know Gutterman a little better for yourself.
Steve, Reston VA