How Long Does Residential Gutter Installation Take?

Gutters   |   June 1, 2020

One of the first questions asked of homeowners when giving a quote for residential gutter installation is, “How long does installation take”?

We understand that having work done on your home is somewhat of an inconvenience for your time and space. No one wants to look at a “work in progress” for days or weeks, and we’re happy to inform you that residential gutter installation is not that type of job. While each residential gutter installation is unique, here’s a guide to help you get an idea of how long a gutter installation will take for your home.

5 Factors That Influence How Long Residential Gutter Installation Will Take

1. The size of your home – Naturally, the more square feet a home has, the more material and time you should expect it to take. A very large job, over 300+ feet, could take more than one day.

2. How high above the ground is your roof – A one-story home makes it easier for us to get on the roof and pass materials back and forth, while multiple stories require more time spent walking up and down a ladder.

3. How sloped is the roof – A relatively flat roof enables us to move freely and get the residential gutter installation done quicker. Steeply sloped roofs require more caution, safety gear, and increased ladder use. On a smaller home, the difference in installation time might be nominal, but on a larger home, those extra minutes can add up.

4. What type of gutters we are installing – Most of our gutter materials take a similar amount of installation time. However, our copper, half-round, and 5-inch K-Guard gutters are more labor-intensive and could take longer to install, depending on the size of the home.

5. Mother nature – We work in just about any weather, but on some occasions, we will need to halt installation if the weather is too severe and deemed dangerous for our crew.

Overall, here’s a ballpark estimate for you. A residential gutter installation for an average-sized home (a small to medium-sized single-story home or small townhome, for example) will usually take 1 – 4 hours. Larger homes (over 3,000 square feet or those with a steep roof) range from 3 – 8 hours.

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