How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Front Door in Ashburn VA?

Front door replacement   |   July 1, 2022

Cost to Replace Front Door in Ashburn, VA

If you’re thinking of instantly modernizing the front of your house for a polished look without investing a lot of time or money, a new front door might be the change you’re looking for.

There is a wide range of customizable materials, hardware, and features.  With this array of choices, the cost of replacing a front door can vary greatly between projects.

Understanding these possibilities, and your home’s specific replacement requirements will help you determine the cost of this eye-catching upgrade.

Average Cost to Install a Door in Northern, VA

The cost of replacing a door, ranges from $477 to $1,389 with an average cost of $916.

These figures include a wide range of costs, which is why we recommend getting an estimate from a reputable professional before starting your replacement.

However, you can still get an idea of pricing early on by evaluating which price-determining elements apply to your property.

Cost is influenced by several factors, including:

1. Frame customization

Customization, as with any remodeling project, increases cost. You’ll either have to find a custom door to match the existing space, or the frame will have to be recut to accommodate a regular sized door if the frame is oddly sized. On the other hand, installing a standard door into a standard frame saves money.

2. Frame maintenance

If your front door frame is rotting, splitting, or warped, the repair cost will be added to your installation bill.

3. Materials

Different materials have different price ranges and a wide range of energy efficiency capabilities.

  • Wooden front doors have a classic appearance but are priciest option in terms of materials. Because they might warp or fade in extreme conditions, you can find yourself paying for routine maintenance additional to the installation.
  • Fiberglass is an excellent option because it successfully imitates wood at a considerably lower cost. It also has the advantage of being long-lasting and energy efficient.
  • Steel doors are more expensive due to their density with, installation costs ranging from $500 to $1,230. But keep in mind, their higher cost is due to their long-term endurance.

4. Hardware

The hardware on your door, which includes the latch, handle, and any other accessories like a knocker or a mail slot, is completely adjustable. The more customizations you add, the greater your costs

tThe type of lock you select will also factor into your overall costs. Cylinder, lever, and other traditional forms are typically the most affordable, while newer locks like keypads and touchscreens command higher prices.

Upgrade the Look of Your Home


In addition to providing a great looking visual upgrade for your home, a front door replacement can lower your heating and cooling bills, prevent break-ins, and last for decades.  The right front door pays for itself.

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