How Much Does It Cost to Replace Cedar Shake Siding in Reston VA?

Cedar Shake Siding, Cedar siding   |   June 13, 2022

Cedar Shake Siding Replacement Cost in Reston, VA

Cedar shake siding creates a striking look that blends rustic and contemporary design. Rich, warm western red cedar paired with numerous installation options makes cedar shake siding an attractive and accessible home improvement option.

Installing cedar shake siding can cost anywhere from $6.50 to $13.50 per square foot. On average, a contractor will charge between $16,600 and $25,500 to replace old cedar shake siding on a home. This normally includes the expense of having the old siding removed by a contractor.

Sample Cost to Install Cedar Shake Siding Per Sq. Ft.

Let’s take an average-sized residence in Reston VA at 1,580 square feet of outside surface to be coated in cedar shakes. For educational purposes, this is a sample exercise for how to assess cost and not a bid.

Siding Price Per Sq Ft$3.5 - $7.5
Supplies & Accessories Per Sq Ft$0.55 - $1
Total Materials Cost for 1,580 Sq Ft$6,399 - $13,430
Labor Costs (hourly)$90 - $105
Installed Hourly Rate$30 - $75
Total Labor Cost$2,700 - $7,875
Labor Cost Per Sq Ft$1.7 - $5
Delivery Charge$50 - $125
Builder's Permit$50 - $200
Siding Removal$1,000 - $3,000
Total Cost$10,199 - $24,630
Total Cost Per Sq Ft$6 - $15

Cost to Have Old Siding Removed

Removing and disposing old siding is averages around $.50 to$1.00 per square foot. The more complex a home’s architecture, the more it will cost to remove old siding.

Removing existing siding for higher end, two-story residences can range from $1,000 to $3,000. If the total isn’t included in the installer’s estimate, remember to include it to keep your overall cost estimate realistic.

Factors That Affect Cost

Material Grade

Blemishes and knots are used to grade wood. Because clear grades are free of imperfections, the production process will run more smoothly. Saws and carpentry tools will not get tangled in the shakes, and installation is easier because installers do not need to maneuver around weak points.

Most cedar shakes are mad of clear grade wood. If your installer suggests a second layer of shakes, the bottom layer can be of a lower grade since it will not be released into the environment. Clear grade woods are more expensive because they are not as widely available.

The size of the board also determines the material grade. Boards are available in two lengths: 18″ for Perfection and 24″ for Royal. Royal lengths cost more– however, if you go with the Perfection length, you’ll need more boards.

Cedar Shake Material Type & Style

Cedar shake colors are mainly classified by the characteristics of cedar tree from which they are manufactured. Red cedar trees produce dark shakes, whereas white cedar trees produce light shakes.

One of the main reasons people prefer cedar siding is that it does not require painting showcasing the beauty of natural wood.  But depending on your taste, cedar shakes, can be dyed to add color and should be lacquered every few years.

The style is decided by the bottom edge of the shaking. The shadow line of the siding is set by the bottom of the shake, (also known as the butt-end). Flat lower margins are the most popular cedar shake profile. This results in a profile with clear horizontal shadow lines. The cedar used in these situations is of uniform thickness and size.

Labor Costs

It takes about 65 hours to build 1,000 square feet of cedar shake siding. It’s recommended to start your search for estimates fall or early winter. Contractors might have more room to offer a good discount during these quieter seasons

Workload, location and accessibility, and seasonal rates all influence labor costs.

The most expensive shakes to install are cedar shakes. This is largely in part because such projects are made up of many little components that are individually joined instead of larger boards or panels that can be hung promptly.  Weight is also a factor in overall pricing. Because cedar shakes are made of solid wood, they are more durable than vinyl or metal siding.

Complexity on the Outside

Most houses have 6-12 corners. Architectural footprints with 12 or more corners are more complicated. Also consider each of the door and window openings, which must be flashed and trimmed appropriately, as well as the shakes being cut to fit.

Rectangles are the simplest and most cost-effective to build. Each irregularity, such as numerous stories, bay windows, circular rooms, and other complex arrangements, will raise the cost of your home’s renovation.

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