How Much Does It Cost to Replace Interior Doors in Reston VA?

Home improvement, Home repair, Interior Doors   |   June 17, 2022

To enjoy your home, the cost of interior door installation isn’t just a cosmetic repair. Adding an interior door that opens and closes properly, improves the overall feel and experience of a room adding value to your home.

Cost To Replace Interior Doors in Reston, VA

The median cost of replacing an interior door, including materials and labor, ranges from $226 to $824.

The average cost of a new inside door is $100 to $500, with labor costs ranging from $120 to $300.

The cost of a door is determined by its type and quality.

Door Type Average Cost

Door TypeAverage Cost
Pocket$500 - $2,500• Prices based on whether installation occurs during remodeling or new construction.
• Slides into empty wall space vs swinging out from a hinge
• Typical for closets/ tight spaces
Single Bifold$45 - $180• A single bifold is a set of two doors.
• Installed on a set of tracks with rollers embedded in the casing.
• When opened, folds in half
• Great for closets, tight areas, or laundry rooms.
Double Bifold$90 - $500• A complete installation costs between $180 and $350.
Single French$200 - $800• Costs depend on the intricacy of the glass panels and quality of materials
• Average installation goes for $400 to $1,600 based on whether pre-hung or slab.
• Ranges from 1 to 15 glass panels and typically come in pairs
Double French$400 - $1,600• Suitable outside or inside the home
• Commonly used as a transition to a formal dining room or for patio doors.
• Because mostly glass, allow plentiful light but offer little privacy
Sliding$300 - $1,600• Basic or mirrored sliding doors cost $300-$600 to install Cost to replace sliding glass doors ranges from $400 to $2,500
Sliding Glass$400 - $2,500• Prices depend on size of bypass doors and material options (aluminum, golden oak, steel, or frameless)
Barn$160 - $1,800• Depends on size, type, number of doors, mounting hardware, and labor costs
• Wood is the most common type, but also available in colored glass or composite
• Barn doors slide along rails on the exterior of the wall and allow more useable space in a room.
• Does not provide good temperature or noise insulation.
• Still increases a home's value
Murphy$1,100 - $5,000• Costs depend on size and whether flush or surface-mount.
• Installation labor adds $550 to final cost.
• Murphy, or hidden bookcase doors, are designed to look like a bookcase, but provide access to a hidden room.
• Ideal for panic rooms or safes.
Louver$220 - $400• Made from composite, vinyl, PVC, steel, or wood, and can come unfinished
• Horizontal, angled slats of wood or glass are inserted into a panel taking up either the upper or lower half of the door, or from top to bottom.
• Typically used for closet or laundry room doors for airflow
Saloon$190 - $700• Installation labor costs $100 to $300
• Use a pivot hinge to allow for opening both ways
• Prevalent in kitchens, closets, basements, entertainment rooms, or dining areas
• Come in full louver, stile-and-rail, panel, and spindle-top designs

Interior Door Replacement Cost by Room

Room TypeAverage Cost
Bedroom & Bathroom$60 - $300• Solid-core doors reduce noise and provide extra privacy
Closet$120 - $380• Wood or mirrored sliding doors range from $270 to $1,700 installed, while accordion closet doors cost $460 to $2,800 to replace.
to $2,800 to replace.
• For the door alone, expect to spend $30 to $150 for slab or pre-hung.

Laundry Room$120 - $250• Fire-rated steel or wood doors range from $300 to $700 to install.
• Bifold doors typically run $180 to $750 to replace.
Interior Garage Door$300 - $800• Garage doors cost $300 to $800 installed or $100 to $400 for the door only.
• Considered an exterior entry and typically fire-rated steel or wood that doesn't require waterproofing.
• Consider adding self-closing hinges to the door for an additional $30 to $80

Hiring An Interior Door Installer

Unless you have prior experience, consider hiring a professional because door installation is tricky, has many pitfalls, and requires a high level of specialized skill and patience. In most cases, it makes more sense to hire a professional door installer for an average cost of $100 to $300 with discounts offered for installing multiple doors during the same project. You are paying professional door installers to not only save you time and money in the long run but to ensure your door is level, latches, and functions (opens and closes) properly.

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