How Much does it Cost to Replace Windows in Reston VA?

Window replacement   |   September 12, 2022

Window Replacement Cost in Reston, VA

Your windows aren’t just features to accent your home from the outside in.  They also serve a functional purpose in heat and cold insulation and maintaining the structural integrity of your house.

Replacing your windows requires thinking about and deciding which features and factors are most important in the functional and aesthetic aspects of your overall home maintenance and repair.

With that in mind, we’ll provide you with a no-frills guide to begin thinking about your window(s) replacement journey and to figure out how much does it actually cost to replace windows in Reston, VA:



You’ll also get pointers on how to calculate the cost of a window replacement to equip yourself with the right combination of information and knowledge to help you make the best decision when you’re ready. You’ll never look at windows the same way again after this article.

Average cost

Per window the national average is $650 or between $200-$1,800. For a 3-bedroom home, the average price to replace windows ranges from $3,000-$10,000 (

Factor in labor and you’re looking at an additional $100-$300 per window.

Window replacement costs also vary based on the location of your home on whether you’re in warm or cold climate.

Window framing materials

Window framing material determines the look a window, ease of maintenance, and energy efficiency.  As the name suggests, it’s the frame between the window glass and surrounding walls.


Standard Vinyl

-Durable and budget friendly


Per window average: $100-$900



-Strong and lightweight

-Less energy-efficient

Per window average: $75-$400, some up to $1,200



-Functionally heat resistant

-Can peel, crack, or warp

Per window average: $150-$1,300 or more



-Among most durable

-On par with vinyl in energy efficiency

Per window average: $300-$1,200



-Energy efficiency of vinyl

-Sturdiness of aluminum

Per window average: $500-$1,500


Cost of different window types


-Also known as fixed windows

-Made of one sheet of glass with a frame that does not open

Price range: $80-$800



-Popular, low-cost

-Usually found only on ground level

Price range: $100-$400



-Similar to single hung

-Top sash slides down or swings open

Price range: $150-$650


Bay and Bow

-Bay windows typically consist of 3 large panes of glass

-Due to glass size, more expensive to replace

-Bow windows consist of 5+ panes

Price range: $500-$2,500 for bay and $1,000-$4,500



-Open with hand crank usually on left-to-right axis

-Comes in variety of sizes

Price range: $150-$1,000 and $420-$760 for awning window (casement window with hinge at top)


Glass Block

-Most common in bathrooms

-Let in light while allowing for privacy

Price range: $400-$1,100



-Single or double-hung windows than open horizontally

-Comes in standard or full-size

Price range: $150-$800 (standard), $1,000-$2,500 (full)



-Relative difficulty of installation adds to cost

Price range: $900-$2,400



-Installed inside or outside existing windows to add protection and additional insulation

-Permanent or removable

Price range: $50-$300 each, $5000+/- for all home windows


Additional window replacement factors

In addition to window framing materials and window types, there are several additional factors to consider in your window replacement planning and budgeting in Reston, VA.

These include:

Window location

-Basement window replacements $250-$1,000+

-Basement egress windows $2,500-$5,000

-Bathroom/bedroom windows $300-$700

-Foyer/dining room windows $300-$700

Large picture, bay or bow windows can double or triple replacement costs while upper-level windows require more installation time and additional equipment adding to labor costs.


Glass size and type

The right glass type can boost energy efficiency lowering utility bills.  Tinted glass helps reduce harmful UV rays, and depending on a home’s geographical location, impact-resistant glass might be an appropriate choice.

In other instances, depending on the location and age of a home, tempered or safety glass might be a requirement by law.


Number of glass panes

The more panes in a window, the more it will cost as a general rule.


Age of house

Older homes come with special challenges like windows requiring custom orders or repairing and replacing rotting and damaged trim.


Full-frame window cost vs. retrofit replacement

The difference is a nail fin, a flange around the edge to attach to the frame directly to the studs found in new construction. Retrofit (replacement) windows cost 10-15% less than new construction and don’t require as much labor.


Labor costs and cleanup

Labor costs average $40/hour ranging from $30-$65/hr. You can save by replacing more windows at once rather than one by one.  Also, if you live in an area with a higher cost of living, your labor costs will also reflect that difference.

When a contractor estimates labor costs, disposal and cleanup are sometimes factored in or added separately.


Structural repairs

This includes repairing trim, siding, or drywall adding $300-$1,100+.


Insulation and weatherproofing

This involves adding insulation in the gaps around a window and can cost $450-$3,300.


Location of job

Your home’s geographical location can significantly affect your window replacement cost(s).  For example, local codes and ordinances can determine the type of frame and glass required for window replacement in your area.

More expensive triple-pane windows are best for cold climates because they provide the most insulation and energy efficiency while double-pane windows typically provide adequate insulation and protection for warmer climates.


Reasons to consider window replacement(s)

  • Difficulty opening and closing
  • Visible damage
  • Higher energy bills
  • Poor outside noise insulation
  • Leaky windows
  • No double glazing
  • Decaying frames


When to call a professional

There are several reasons to call a professional when you’re ready to replace your windows.  These include:

  • Mold growth (can be a serious health hazard)
  • Window damage and structural problems
  • Accurate window measurements
  • Age of your home and local ordinances/codes

So, there you have it!

We hope you found this article helpful in discovering what goes into a window replacement giving you more confidence and direction in how and where to look once you decide it’s time to give your Reston home a fresh new outlook.


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