July 8, 2012:

Gutters   |   September 25, 2012

Due to the recent storms DC has experienced we have extended our warehouse sale until the end of July.  Did the recent storms strip your home of it’s siding?  We have lots of overstock siding to choose from for repairs or full replacement.

Discounted overstocked items for our shop and 2 local distributors.

D5 Dutch Lap “grey” siding. As much as you need.  Usually $65 per sq – through end of July $38 per sq plus …installation.

S5 Dutch Lap .045 full back insulated siding.  Usually $84 per sq –  through end of July $59 per sq plus installation

We also have vinyl soffits and trim:  “beaded” & hidden vent soffit – white, linen & cameo. So much we could do the Washington monument, so get it now and save! $1.25 sq ft installed

Window headers, door surrounds, garage door trim accents.  You name- we likely have it and you should buy it now and save big time!

Contact Ed Burton directly- he will help you through your special projects!   703-474-5374 or ed@guttermanservices.com