March 5th: Is winter weather heading our way?

Weather Related News   |   March 5, 2013

DC is preparing for a massive snowstorm right now. The amount of snowfall is still being determined but models show a possibility of 5-7″ conservatively.

I pulled into the Gutterman parking lot this morning and saw one of our roofing crews busily working on our extensive snow guard system. The last time we had a massive snow we didn’t have snow guards and the snow coming off our building crushed a car! I knew immediately that this storm could be big. What are you doing to prepare for the storm? Running to the store to stock up on essentials like bread and milk? Lining up a last minute sitter incase schools are cancelled? We here at Gutterman are checking over our vehicles, pulling out the snowplow equipment and making sure customers like you know that we are here in case you need us!

In the event your home suffers damage, our crews will be available to perform emergency repair work. After a storm of this nature we typically remove any loose or dangling gutter, siding, trim pieces in an act to prevent further damage or dry-in your roof. Drying-in temporarily prevents any further water from coming into your home before a more permanent remedy can be made.

We hope you get to enjoy this last ditch effort by mother nature. I for one plan on pulling out the sled and bribing the neighborhood kids with hot cocoa to go sledding with me….

Krystal Catino – Director of Marketing – Gutterman Services, Inc.