The 9 Most Common Questions A KGuard Gutter Contractor Is Asked

Gutters, KGuard   |   September 25, 2020

Gutters are an important feature of any home. They help prevent basement flooding, landscape erosion, fascia and soffit rot, mosquitoes, mold, and roof damage.

Clearly, it’s important to invest in your gutter system to help prevent more costly repairs to other areas of your home. There are a variety of gutter types to choose from but the KGuard Gutter System is gaining popularity, and for good reason! 

They are:

•   Extremely low maintenance 

•   Come with a lifetime warranty 

•   Are made of pre-finished aluminum so they won’t rust and also won’t sag or pull away from your house.


This informative video explains how traditional gutters are built & function and then compares them to KGuard Gutters’ unique features: 

Gutterman Services has installed over 4 million square feet of KGuard Gutters and is the exclusive distributor of KGuard gutters in the DC Metro.


The 9 Most Common Questions A KGuard Gutter Contractor Is Asked Include:

Q: What if my house doesn’t have a fascia board?

A fascia board can be built to enable a KGuard system to be installed. 

Q: Can you install a KGuard hood to my existing gutter system?

Unfortunately, no. The KGuard Gutter was designed and engineered as a single, complete system. The custom-formed components are optimized to perform with their own parts, not with other open-top gutter systems.

Q: Will having KGuard Gutters installed affect my roof?

KGuard attaches to existing or installed fascia boards below your existing roof. A KGuard installation will not affect your roof, except to provide superior protection against ice damming and water flowing back towards the roof and boards.

Q: Why should I choose KGuard Gutters over another gutter system?

Here’s a helpful graph that we feel will help you compare/assess KGuard to other gutter system types:

Other unique KGuard Gutter features include: 

•   A 3-1/4-inch wide gutter bottom to accommodate 3×4-inch downspout
•   Patented hangers that fully support the gutter from front to back
•   Angled hanger design for added leverage and strength
•   Front and rear drainage passages for improved water collecting
•   A smooth, attractive design
•   A convenient, removable hood

Q: How much do KGuard Gutters cost?

The price varies based on the size and style of your home. 

Q: Sometimes we get bad snow storms in the Metro DC area. How do KGuard Gutters perform in wintery conditions?

KGuard Gutters are built to withstand any snow, ice, or wind conditions. Most homeowners don’t realize that with conventional, open-top gutter systems, ice will form on the inside of the gutters. The weight of the ice can actually pull your gutters away from your home, causing major damage and danger. 

With KGuard Gutters the ice forms on the outside of the gutter rather than the inside. This system also has a rear drainage channel which helps prevent wind-blown water from backing up under your roof’s edge and freezing, so the potential of ice damming is far lower than with other systems.

Q: Is the “lifetime no-clog warranty” legitimate?

Absolutely! The KGuard Gutter system is backed up with 3×4 inch downspouts that help flush out any small pieces of debris that may occasionally enter the gutter. In the unlikely event that your K-Guard system ever does develop a clog, for any reason, your KGuard Gutter contractor will come to your home and remedy the problem – absolutely free. 

Q: How long will KGuard Gutters last?

There is really no limit to the lifespan of the KGuard system. The coatings on the gutter and hood will easily last 20 years, the base materials will not corrode, and the internal hangers (which are protected from the elements by the gutter and hood) will last almost indefinitely.

Q: Are there a variety of colors to choose from?

Yes! The KGuard gutter system comes in a variety of colors that compliment your home. 

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