The Power of Professional Gutter Cleanings

Gutters   |   April 17, 2024The Power of Professional Gutter Cleanings


How Professional Gutter Cleanings Can Make a Difference to Your Home

Gutters are important for your home, but here at Gutterman Services, we’ve been preaching that! Many people wonder why gutters need to be professionally cleaned, the rainwater cleans them anyway, right? That’s a common misconception. In this blog, we’ll cover frequently asked questions about the importance of having your gutters professionally cleaned and the benefits of hiring the right company to do so.

The Importance of Clean Gutters

Being a homeowner takes a lot of work and a lot of trips to the Home Depot for project after project. Out of all the maintenance you do for your home, let a professional take over your gutters. Gutters are the part of your home that is often overlooked, but keeping them debris-free is more important than you might think.


Gutterman’s Gutter Cleaning FAQ’s

1. What Happens if You Don’t Clean Your Gutters?

If you don’t have clean gutters, then the rainwater that falls on your roof will have nowhere to go and will pour down the exterior of your home or business. Gutters are meant to prevent water damage, but they won’t function properly if they’re full of fallen leaves, animal nests, and other debris that causes gutter clogs. Water damages are unfortunately some of the worst to happen to a home or building, causing foundation cracks, falling roofs, and flooding. 

If you think about it and do the math, rainwater is heavy and your roof and gutters have to withstand its’ force. One inch of rainfall on a 1,000-square-foot roof is equal to 620 gallons of water. So if you live in an area where you get at least 30in of rain a year, then you can expect almost 20,000 gallons of water to hit your roof each year.


2. What Are the Risks of Clogged Gutters?

There are many risks associated with clogged gutters, some worse than others, but all preventable with professional gutter cleaning. Some negative consequences of clogged gutters include:CLOGGED GUTTER

  • Water can accumulate on the roof, causing damage and leaks over time.
  • Moisture can seep into the attic through damaged fascia and soffit boards, leading to timber beam decay and other potential structural issues.
  • The siding of your home may deteriorate, which allows moisture to penetrate the walls, promoting mold growth, mildew, and indoor wood rot.
  • Window frames can also rot and deteriorate. This increases water penetration and creates drafts in the home causing your HVAC system to work harder, ultimately increasing utility costs.
  • Water can collect around the foundation and in the soil around your home. When it freezes in the winter, it will expand and contract, potentially resulting in cracked concrete, soil erosion, and sinking foundations.
  • Damaged eaves, siding, and window frames provide entry points for pests like rats, squirrels, wasps, and other uninvited pesky guests.
  • The landscaping around your home such as trees, bushes, and gardens may suffer from overwatering. 


3. How Often Is Gutter Cleaning Necessary?

You should have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year: late spring and late fall. At Gutterman Services, we offer a home maintenance package that can save you 5% off our regular rates. Click here for details


The Benefits of Professional Gutter Cleaning

1. Quick & Efficient Service

Efficient-Gutter-CleaningSave time in your day, don’t spend it on cleaning your gutters. While you do what you need to, we will work on your home and ensure professional performance—the best part is, that you don’t have to be onsite! Whether you’re at work, working from home, or on vacation, our friendly technicians leave you and do what we do best quickly and efficiently. Without the right equipment and expertise, cleaning your gutters yourself can take at least three times longer than if you hire a professional.

2. Industry Expert Quality

Cleaning your gutters yourself is always an option, but do you know what to look for? A professional not only cleans out dirt and debris but also checks all of your home’s exterior features. Your gutters affect your roof, downspouts, foundation, and other parts of your home, so it’s important to have someone who knows what to look for when performing regular cleaning services.

3. Prevents Injury

Along with saving time, a professional will also know what to do and look for in a cleaning appointment. Our licensed and certified technicians are trained to work safely on any roof. Don’t take the risk of injuring yourself while cleaning your gutters or roof, Gutterman Services can help.

4. Protects Your Home Against Leaks & Floods

Properly cleaned and maintained gutters prevent roof leaks and the risk of floods that can cause costly damage to your home. You may not always notice leaks in your gutter system that are causing water damage, so it’s important to have a professional inspect them at least twice a year.

5. Curb Appeal & Home Value

Clean and efficient gutters will not only attract home buyers if you’re trying to sell your house, but they add a touch of beauty to a home. Neglected gutters may fall off, and water overflow can stain the fascia boards. Issues such as these ultimately affect your home’s structural integrity, value, and aesthetics.

How To Choose a Gutter Cleaning Service?

We’ve gone over the importance and benefits of clean gutters, but how do you pick the right company? A gutter cleaning company should have a reputable reputation in the community and offer reliable services backed by experience and expertise. At Gutterman Services, we make sure we hit all the boxes, including:  Gutter-Downspouts


  • 5-Star Reviews: make sure the company has good reviews on Google, Yelp, and other credible sites, or ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations. 
  • Licensed and Insured Technicians: some companies will market to homeowners that they provide the best home services but are not qualified to do so. Make sure the company you choose has the right certifications and training, you can do this by calling them directly or going on their website.
  • Free Estimates: other gutter companies know that you’re shopping around for the best, that’s why many will offer free home consultation and estimates. An estimate will help you determine what company to pick that meets your budget—if a company doesn’t offer a free estimate, you may want to consider a different company.


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At Gutterman, we offer comprehensive residential and commercial gutter cleaning services tailored to meet your needs. Our team of experienced professionals uses the latest equipment and techniques to ensure thorough cleaning and maintenance of your gutters. Don’t wait until it’s too late—take action now to protect your home and investment.


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